Length and volume - Hair extensions will allow you to enhance your look by adding length and volume to your natural hair.

Add Color - You can add dimension to your hair by adding our multi-tonal hair extensions to create a lowlight and highlight effect without coloring your natural hair.

Hair Thinning - Our non-damaging hair extensions are a great solution for those with thinner and finer hair. You can now boost back your self-esteem by adding thickness and volume to your hair using our hair extensions.

Style - Hair extensions will allow you to change up your look in a matter of minutes without making a long-term commitment. You can create any style such as ponytails, braids, buns, and etc by adding some thickness and length to your hair. You can also curl, wave, or straighten your hair extensions however you desire. Hair extensions tend to hold styles longer than your natural hair. Therefore, you can enjoy the style that you create more than one time without having to redo your hair.

Look Good - looking good makes you feel good! We all have the ability to use beauty as a tool to progress both in our daily lives and professional lives. Enhance your look and become more confident by making everyday a perfect hair day.

Remy is a technique used to produce “cuticle correct” human hair. Remy has qualities such as uni-lateral cuticle direction, which basically means the hair follicles all go in one single direction. Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e. holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting), top at top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-remy or low quality hair. Remy hair is only lightly processed.

Double drawn hair means that the hair is equally thick from top to bottom.

With the double drawn technique, all the shorter length hair is removed from the bundle and is replaced with longer and thicker strands. The process is usually done by hand which makes them more expensive.  Overall, Double drawn hair means higher quality hair with no tangling.

This is in contrast to the natural ends of our hair which naturally thin out on the bottom.

Ladore Hair-extension colors are created in a multi-tonal and multi-dimensional format, which allows them to blend naturally with your own hair color, even if it is not the exact shade. You should start by choosing the closest shade to your hair color. Please keep in mind that colors can appear different online, depending on the device and computer screen you use. If you have any trouble choosing the right color, please feel free to email us a photo of your current hair in natural daylight to We will have one of our color specialists color-match you.


The type of hair extensions you choose must meet your lifestyle and your needs. For example, if you only want extensions for special occasions, our temporary methods such as our Clip-Ins and Transparent- wires might be a better suit for you. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can use our professional hair extensions and have them be attached to your hair. At Ladore, we offer a variety of alternative methods and solutions to give you the option of choosing the best method that matches your lifestyle.  

Yes! We pride ourselves in offering one-of-a-kind 100 percent Human REMY hair to the public that can be colored, styled, and cut any way you desire. It’s very different from synthetic hair. We recommend that you have a professional colorist tone/color your extensions for not only the perfect match, but also for preventing damage. Keep in mind that coloring your extensions might dry out the hair (Just like when you color your natural hair).

Yes! You can treat Ladore Hair extensions just like your own natural hair. Feel free to style your hair any way you desire. Keep in mind that since the hair extensions are not getting the same nutrition as your own hair, you must nourish them by using the right products and protect the hair as much as possible.

Ladore Hair extensions can last from 12 months or more depending on the care and treatment.

The application of the hair depends on the method and style of the hair extensions. Our Clip-ins and Transparent-wire hair extensions can be easily applied by yourself. Our professional hair extensions such as our Keratip and Tape-in hair extensions must be professionally installed by a licensed cosmetologist for the best results.  

Ladore Temporary methods of hair extensions can be repeatedly used and do not require a lot of washing. You may wash your Ladore hair extensions when you deem it necessary based on the amount of product buildup they have acquired.

If you have permanent hair extensions, we do not recommend you washing your hair more than 2-3 times a week. Keep in mind that over-washing your hair will take out the moisture in the hair and will cause them to get dry. 

Ladore Hair extensions are damage-free hair extensions. Ladore permanent hair extensions must be installed by a professional licensed cosmetologist to ensure proper application followed by maintenance, to protect your natural hair. 

Ladore Hair offers a wide selection of lengths including 14” up to 22” depending on the method.


At Ladore we offer more hair per pack compared to any other company. Each pack contains 34 pieces of tape-in hair extensions. You will only need 1 pack of our Tape-in hair extensions if you have thin to medium hair. If you have thick hair you can use up to 2 packs.  

Tape-In hair extensions are extremely easy to apply. They normally take less than 60 minutes to install in the client's hair.  

We recommend that you visit your hairstylist every 6-8 weeksThe natural hair growth cycle will cause Tape-In extensions to move down and travel away from the scalp 

Yes, you can re-tape the same hair and reuse them.  


It takes about 2-3 hours to install a full head of Keratip hair extensions. Keratip hair extensions are one of the most long-lasting methods of hair extensions with the most natural look.  

We recommend that you visit your hairstylist 4-5 months after your first Keratip hair installation. The natural hair growth cycle will cause the Kertaip extensions to move down and travel away from the scalp.

Yes, this hair can be tipped with new keratin by a professional hairstylist and reinstalled back into your hair. 


Yes, you can always wear Ladore transparent wire extensions to add extra volume and length to your hair regardless of whether or not you have permanent extensions.

Ladore hair extensions are guaranteed to stay put throughout your use! Please refer to our tutorial on how to adjust and apply Ladore hair extensions. The type of wire Ladore hair uses to prevent the hair from falling can hold up to 15–20 lbs. of hair and is designed to be secure and comfortable on the head for a fitted feel. The wire is to be placed approximately three inches behind the hairline and your hair is to be very carefully pulled out from under to cover the wire and your hair extensions. This method allows the weight of your hair to keep the extensions on your head without hassle and complication. Please keep in mind that adjustment of the Ladore wire is key for the most comfortable and secure fit to prevent any discomfort.

We love this question! Our amazing hair wire is designed and manufactured to hold up to 15–20 lbs. and is made to be practically indestructible; however, we provide extra wires in our packages, only for the purpose of resizing the wire if needed.

The wire is transparent and it is NOT visible.

Ladore wire extensions are damage-free hair extensions. They go on and off effortlessly without causing any damage to your own natural hair.


Simply part your hair where you want your extensions to be. Tease the root of your hair with your Ladore anti-static comb (this will allow the clips to stay in place without them sliding out of your hair). Next, apply the clip-In hair extensions in layers by clipping them into the roots of your natural hair. You can then style your hair however you desire.  

No, Ladore clip-in hair extensions are manufactured for optimal comfort with their smaller clips and silicone cushioning that protect your natural hair from breakage and allow for the clips to stay secure. 

Yes, you can wear your hair in a ponytail or in an updo with Ladore clip-in hair extensions. To ensure a flawless presentation, place and clip in the wefts correctly so that the clips and wefts are covered with your own natural hair.