One Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions

$360.00 USD
Midnight Dream
Brunette Lover
Chestnut Envy
Toffee Lover
Beverly Hills
Rich Girl Blonde
Sunkissed Blonde
California Blonde
Beach Bunny
Girl on Fire
Autumn's Spice
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Ladore Transparent wire extensions is a unique temporary method of hair extension that require no glue, no bonding and no clips. The type of wire Ladore hair uses to prevent the hair from falling can hold up to 15–20 lbs. of hair and is designed to be secure and comfortable on the head for a fitted feel. The wire is to be placed approximately one to two inches behind the hairline and your hair is to be very carefully pulled out from under to cover the wire and your hair extensions. This method allows the weight of your hair to keep the extensions on your head without hassle and complication. Please keep in mind that adjustment of the Ladore wire is KEY for the most comfortable and secure fit to prevent any discomfort. Please refer to our tutorial on how to adjust and apply Ladore hair extensions.
Length: 18-22 inches
Weight: 85 grams
Quantity: 34 pieces/pack
Soft Black
Neutral Black shade
with warm brown
in the box
Hair piece

Shipment & Delivery

Care Guide

No Glue
No Bonding

Reusable & can last 12 months

Secure &

Reusable & can last 12 months

Anti Static
Metal Comb

Reusable & can last 12 months